Building Relationships
TYPE Semi-Detached House
STATUS Completed 2024
LOCATION Singapore
CLIENT Private
TEAM: Iskandar Idris, Richie Chan, Aslam Salim
C&S ENGINEER: Longrove

The design vision behind Cavern House was inspired by the captivating formations and expansive spaces found within caves. The aim was to create a residence that offers immersive spatial experiences while fostering familial bonds. To surprise visitors upon entry, the main entrance was concealed behind a windowless facade, and a transition from a modest foyer to a series of interconnected spaces extending towards the rear of the house was created.

At the heart of Cavern House lies a thoughtful spatial organization and interior design. Spaces such as the communal dry kitchen and dining area, the versatile living room, and the family study room on the second floor were planned to have visual connectivity and encourage interaction. Additionally, the top floor offers recreational amenities, including an observatory with a circular skylight adding a touch of curiosity.

In reflecting the personalities of the homeowners, playful elements such as curves, a vibrant color palette, and textured treatments were incorporated. The alternating levels create visual interest and encourage exploration throughout the home. Cavern House is a testament to creating dynamic and functional spaces that enrich family life and promote connection.

In conclusion, the approach to designing Cavern House was driven by a dedication to seamlessly blend functionality with intrigue. The goal was to create a space that inspires and facilitates meaningful connections among its inhabitants while remaining respectful of the natural context and the needs of the homeowners.

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