As an office, we abstain from stylistic formulas and instead, approach every project by means of open-ended inquiry.  



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Home Office

Office Interior

The brief calls for a conversion of an existing 2-storey apartment unit into a home office.  

Currently, the first storey which houses the living, kitchen and bathroom is connected to the bedrooms on the second storey via a centrally located staircase within a double volume area.

The program entails the office area occupying the entire of the first storey and a portion of the second storey, leaving two rooms for residential accommodation.

In the design proposal, the function of the central staircase as circulation space is expanded to serve as area for gathering and discussion with the addition of step seating.  The position of the step seating is apt as it allows for greater connectivity between the two levels.  The area beneath the step seating also serves as additional storage.

The wall of one of the bedroom fronting the central staircase is demolished to become a meeting space that conjoins the step seating area.  Subsequently, the wall of the double volume area becomes a projection screen for the meeting space as well as step seating area.

The 1st storey is maintained as an open plan layout that features a continuous material element that connects the pantry, central staircase and main work area. This material object delineates at the same time connects the loosely organised spaces at the 1st storey. In the pantry it is a discussion table; and then it morphs into steps and seating as it crosses path with the central staircase; it then becomes a display counter with storage at the work area.