Making Architecture


This exhibition is a cross-sectional probe into the processes of architecture-making, with a particular focus on the notion of craftsmanship.

With the current nature of contemporary architectural practices, and the continuous introduction of new technologies, questions arise as to what it means to craft in the production of buildings today. Increased computational power, and the subsequent evolution of fabrication tools, challenge the architect to find alternative techniques of architectural production.

This exhibition does not attempt to define the varieties and characteristics of craftsmanship. What it does, however, is to serve as an invitation to open exploration, by laying bare the processes and methodologies adopted by the architects and designers of today.

Featuring over 70 artefacts created by 26 architects and designers from Singapore and around the region, these objects demonstrate the rigour involved in the thoughtful assembly of materials and components - from the intimate scale of the handmade, to the enveloping urban form.

CLIENT Singapore Institute of Architects
LOCATION Singapore

In Collaboration with Plot Room and Roger & Sons
Photos by Aman

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