As an office, we abstain from stylistic formulas and instead, approach every project by means of open-ended inquiry.  



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Window House

Detached House

A house for a family of three. Site is elevated from the main street and sandwiched on three sides with the neighbouring houses barely a few metres apart.

The main spaces flow and unfold between the two perforated shells; an outer shell that frames the outdoors and the inner one that hugs around a garden space, the inner sanctum of the house.

Walls delineate boundaries but the openings in the walls connects, frame and blur the divisions.

We were interested to create spaces that are characterised by these series of windows. The spaces reveal themselves as one walks through them and is seduced by the the adjacent spaces beyond, peeping through the openings. The multi-levelled spaces through the house offer different points of perspectives when one looks out towards the courtyard from one of its many openings.

We imagined life within the house revolves and evolves around these layered windowed spaces. These windows are not just effective in moderating the amount of daylighting into the interior, but inspire connection with nature and create a mise-en-scene within the house.

In Collaboration with Formwerkz Architects

Photos by Fabian Ong